Welcome to pick your own blueberries


Picking cultivated blueberries is easy and fun, and you can quickly pick a few liters.


Opening hours

In July when the berries begin to ripen, we announce dates and time under ”Öppettider” (Opening hours).


How to pick…

Bring your own can, bucket, bowl, jar etc to pick in. Or we have small buckets for sale.

Before you start picking, we weigh your bucket so that you don´t have to pay for it when we weigh your picked berries. In the bush rows we sometimes have marker sticks to show where there currently are plenty of berries.

When you have picked what you want, we weigh the berries. You can pay with credit card, cash and Swish.

The freshly picked blueberries stays fine for 2-3 weeks in the fridge. If you plan to freeze them, you better do so within 3 days for best quality. You don´t need to freeze the berries piecewise – the berries can be frozen into a jar directly. They stay whole and fine and it’s easy to grab a handful when needed.


Other things good to know

Toilet is available.20140718_101146

The parking lot is next to the orchard.

We have pallets if you prefer to sit and pick.

You can pay with both credit cards, cash and Swish.

1 liter of blueberries weigh about 600 grams. 1 kg of blueberries is about 1.6 liters.

Our opening hours may vary depending on how many berries that are ripe for the moment, how many people who come and pick and how quickly new berries ripen up. Please have a look at our opening hours and picking status here on the web.


And our tip…

Take the opportunity and let the blueberry picking be a nice outing for the whole family. Bring grandmother, grandfather, children and grandchildren. It is wide between the rows of bushes and space enough for both strollers and rollators. Even the dog is welcome, but not out to the bushes. We have a limited number of seats and a lot of grass area if you want to bring the picnic basket. We also have coffee and tea for easier self-catering.